I help people and Organisations in Africa Grow and Glow

Hello and welcome to my website. This is a website with free resources to help you grow and glow in your life, your career, your project, or your organisation.

My name is Dorcas. I have been at the service of NGOs, Organisations, entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders for years now, putting in my contribution to the development of Africa. I help executives boost their career, I help youth and women discover their dreams and awake the entrepreneur inside,  I provide the necessary support to business owners to be successful and grow their business, and I help managers and leaders consolidate their leadership and thrive as a Leader.  

Should you read this website and find it helpful, please feel free to invite me to be a speaker a your event, coach members of your association, train your staff to be coaches, write in your publications, or offer advice/coaching to you or your leaders.

On this website site, you’ll find articles and useful resources. Please make a use of them as much as you can.  And do not hesitate to share on your social blogs, using the icons on top of each article . And please link it or make a reference to this website.


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